How to create a no code AI application using Power Apps and Custom Vision?

A fast and easy way to prototype apps with AI capabilities


You might have an idea for an application using AI and not have anyone to build it. You might be a programmer and want to try out your ideas and Azure Custom Vision before you start writing code. No matter what your coding skills are, if you want to prototype an application with AI, Power Platform and it's AI Builder feature is a fast and easy option.

This article explains what the power platform is as well as goes through a step by step process to create an app that detects objects from photos using Power Apps and AI Builder. Check out the video below to see the app we will build to detect different Mixed Reality Headsets such as HoloLens version 1 and 2 Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality headsets and their hand controllers.

Read or skip through the questions to learn how to build your first Power App with AI features.

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