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How to grab and move an object?

To grab and move an object, first ensure that the Manipulation Handler (Script) and Near Interaction Grabbable (Script) components are added to the object. The Manipulation Handler (Script) allows you to manipulate an object while the **Near Interaction Grabble (Script) allows the object to respond to near hand interactions.
To add the scripts to the object, first select the object in the Hierarchy window. In the Inspector window, click Add Component and search for each script. Once found, select the script to add to the object.
Add Manipulation Handler Script component
With the object selected, in the Inspector window, navigate to the Manipulation Handler (Script) component to modify the component's parameters.
Manipulation Handler Parameters
You can move an object using one or two hands. This setting is dependent on the Manipulation Type parameter. The Manipulation Type can be limited to either:
  • One Handed Only
  • Two Handed Only
  • One and Two Handed
Select the preferred Manipulation Type so that the user is restricted to use one of the available manipulation types.
Manipulation type
You can now test grabbing and moving the object using the in-editor simulation. Press the Play button to enter Game mode. Once in Game mode, hold the space bar to bring up the hand and use the mouse to grab and move the object.
Add object and action