How to create an Azure Spatial Anchor resources?

  • In the left navigation pane in the Azure portal, select Create a resource.

  • Use the search box to search for Spatial Anchors.

  • Select Spatial Anchors. In the dialog box, select Create.

  • In the Spatial Anchors Account dialog box:

    • Enter a unique resource name, using regular alphanumeric characters.

    • Select the subscription that you want to attach the resource to.

    • Create a resource group by selecting Create new. Name it myResourceGroup and select OK. A resource group is a logical container into which Azure resources like web apps, databases, and storage accounts are deployed and managed. For example, you can choose to delete the entire resource group in one simple step later.

    • Select a location (region) in which to place the resource.

    • Select New to begin creating the resource.

  • After the resource is created, Azure Portal will show that your deployment is complete. Click Go to resource.

  • Then, you can view the resource properties. Copy the resource's Account ID value into a text editor because you'll need it later.

  • Under Settings, select Key. Copy the Primary key value into a text editor. This value is the Account Key. You'll need it later.

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