How to run the (Mixed Reality Toolkit)MRTK Hand Interaction examples in Unity Editor?

The HandInteractionExamples.unity example scene contains various types of interactions and UI controls that highlight articulated hand input.

To try the hand interaction scene, first open the HandInteractionExamples scene under Assets\MixedRealityToolkit.Examples\Demos\HandTracking\Scenes\HandInteractionExamples

This example scene uses TextMesh Pro. If you receive a prompt asking you to import TMP Essentials, select the Import TMP Essentials button. Some of the MRTK examples use TMP Essentials for improved text rendering. After you select Import TMP Essentials, Unity will then import the package.

After Unity completes the import, close the TMP Importer window and reload the scene. You can reload the scene by double-clicking the scene in the Project window.

After the scene is reloaded, press the Play button.

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