How to contribute?

Ways to contribute.

Becoming a super hero is a fairly straight forward process:

Contributing to content and sample project.

If you have a code sample please either start your code sample from the HoloLens Seed project or directly contribute to Unity Samples repo by sending a pull request. You can find the installation information in the related repositories README file.

If you are contributing to Unity Samples, please

  1. Create a branch and name your branch same as the lesson the code example is for. Ex: Lesson 3: How to add hand interactions to an object?, name your branch 03-hand-interaction.

    //branch-name  = <lesson>-<subtitle>
    git checkout -b branch-name master
  2. Add the changes you want to make. Please follow the structure of the content explained here.

    1. Every lesson has, concepts, project, what could go wrong and resources sub-sections.

    2. Every sub-section is divided into questions. Please keep the questions and answers precise. If there is another concept you need to explain, add a new page for the question.

    3. Questions are meant to follow the top down order and answer the questions necessary to develop the project. Make sure any new questions make sense for the whole of the hands on project and does not diverge into peripheral topics. Feel free to add the peripheral topics to Resources section, Core concepts section or file an issue to discuss if the subject is necessary learning.

    4. If you are including a word or a concepts that a person new to Mixed Reality or development in general, please include it in Glossary section.

  3. Make sure to rebase from master branch daily and before submitting your pull requests.

    To rebase your branch and force push to your GitHub repository (this will update your Pull Request):

    git rebase master -i
    git push -f
  4. Write meaningful commit messages.

  5. Make a pull request to the upstream master when you are done with your changes.

Being a contributor

If you are a regular contributor you can ask to be added as a contributor and use Gitbook to add or edit content.

If you are planning to contribute regularly, please file an issue to the repository and ask for permission to edit in Gitbook. Once you have access you can edit directly on Gitbook editor as shown in the below video.

Thank you for being our hero!

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