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How to set up your project for iOS or Android[Experimental]?

1 ) Make sure you have imported Microsoft.MixedReality.Toolkit.Unity.Foundation as a custom asset or through NuGet.
2 ) In the Unity Package Manager (UPM), install the following packages:
AR Foundation Version: 2.1.4
AR Foundation Version: 2.1.4
ARCore XR Plugin Version: 2.1.2
ARKit XR Plugin Version: 2.1.2
3 ) Enabling the Unity AR camera settings provider.
The following steps presume use of the MixedRealityToolkit object. Steps required for other service registrars may be different.
  1. 1.
    Select the MixedRealityToolkit object in the scene hierarchy.
MixedReality Toolkit in Hierarchy panel.
2. Select Copy and Customize to Clone the MRTK Profile to enable custom configuration.
Copy and Customize to Clone the MRTK Profile.
3. Select Clone next to the Camera Profile.
Clone camera profile.
4. Navigate the Inspector panel to the camera system section and expand the Camera Settings Providers section.
Camera Settings Providers
5. Click Add Camera Settings Provider and expand the newly added New camera settings entry.
New camera settings expanded view.
6. Select the Unity AR Camera Settings provider from the Type drop down.
Unity AR Camera Settings.