What's next?

Now you have your app's prototype, you can add more features, get feedback and test your app.

Should I keep using my power app or rebuild it?

When your needs change, you can consider refactoring your application to a serverless backend and a custom built UI. If the app is working fine for you and your users, you can continue using and improving overtime using Power Apps.

What would be the changes that requires the upgrade? There are two possibilities for the changed requirements for your app:

  • Feature

  • Budget

How to create a custom feature for Power Apps?

Ready made tools are always limited to the features the product team decides to include. If you are writing custom code, you can add any feature that you need. Thankfully, for the features that are not implemented yet, it is always possible to author a custom connector that you can use with or without Power Apps.

A connector is a proxy or a wrapper around an API that allows the underlying service to talk to Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Power Apps, and Azure Logic Apps. It provides a way for users to connect their accounts and leverage a set of pre-built actions and triggers to build their apps and workflows.

Check out the list of Power Apps Connectors and how to build a custom connector yourself.

How to compare costs for Power Apps and Logic Apps?

Once you start using your app, you will have a better idea about the number of users accessing AI capabilities and the number of images that you need to train. You can use AI Builder Cost Calculator and Logic App Cost Calculator to compare options. You can check any other service price through Azure Product Cost Calculator.

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