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Basic A-Frame Scene

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src=""></script>
<a-box position="-1 0.5 -3" rotation="0 45 0" color="#4CC3D9"></a-box>
<a-sphere position="0 1.25 -5" radius="1.25" color="#EF2D5E"></a-sphere>
<a-cylinder position="1 0.75 -3" radius="0.5" height="1.5" color="#FFC65D"></a-cylinder>
<a-plane position="0 0 -4" rotation="-90 0 0" width="4" height="4" color="#7BC8A4"></a-plane>
<a-sky color="#ECECEC"></a-sky>
Primitives are similar to prefabs in Unity. They abstract the core entity-component API to:
  • Pre-compose useful components together with prescribed defaults
  • Act as a shorthand for complex-but-common types of entities (e.g., <a-sky>)
  • Provide a familiar interface for beginners since A-Frame takes HTML in a new direction
You can see the resulting page on Glitch
Basic Aframe scene on Glitch
Last modified 1yr ago