What is Anchor Relationships and what is it useful for?

By using anchor relationships, you can create connected anchors in a space and then ask questions like these:

  • Are there anchors nearby?

  • How far away are they?

You could use connected anchors in cases like these:

  • A worker needs to complete a task that involves visiting various locations in an industrial factory. The factory has spatial anchors at each location. A HoloLens or mobile app helps guide the worker from one location to the next. The app first asks for the nearby spatial anchors; it then guides the worker to the next location. The app visually shows the general direction and distance to the next location.

  • A museum creates spatial anchors at public displays. Together, these anchors form a one-hour tour of the museum's essential public displays. At a public display, visitors can open the museum's mixed reality app on their mobile device. Then, they point their phone camera around the space to see the general direction and distance to the other public displays on the tour. As a user walks toward a public display, the app updates the general direction and distance to help guide the user.


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