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How to organize your objects into a grid view?

You can organize any objects in Unity into a grid by using an Object collection script. In this example, you will learn how to organize 6 3D objects into a 3 x 3 grid.
Grid layout of boxes.
First, configure your Unity scene for the Mixed Reality Toolkit. Next, in the Hierarchy window, right click in an empty space and select Create Empty. This will create an empty GameObject. Name the object CubeCollection.
Empty CubeCollection object.
In the Inspector window, position CubeCollection so that the collection displays in front of the user (example, X = 0, Y = -0.2, Z = 2).
Position attributes of the CubeCollection.
With CubeCollection still selected, in the Hierarchy window, create a child Cube object. Change the scale of the object to x = .25, y = .25, z = .25.
Cube transforms.
Duplicate the child Cube object 8 times so that there is a total of 9 Cube child objects within the CubeCollection object.
Duplicated cubes collection.
In the Hierarchy window, select CubeCollection. In the Inspector window, click Add Component and search for the Grid Object Collection (Script). Once found, select the component to add to the object.
Add Grid Object Collection Script component
Configure the Grid Object Collection (Script) component by changing the Sort Type property to Child Order. This will ensure that the child objects (the 9 Cube objects) are sorted in the order you placed them under the parent object.
Change sort type.
Click Update Collection to apply the new configuration.
Update Collection.
You can adjust the parameters within the Grid Object Collection (Script) component to further customize the grid. For example, you could change the number of rows to 2 by changing the value in the Num Rows properties. Be sure to click Update Collection to apply the new configuration.
Change number of rows.