How to create a CosmosDB table to save and share the anchors between devices?

  • Sign in to your Azure Portal

  • Create a resource by selecting Databases > Azure CosmosDB

  • Select the subscription and resource group you are using for this project.

  • Enter a unique name to identify Azure Cosmos DB account.

  • Select "Azure Table" as the API.

  • Select a geographic location to host your Azure Cosmos DB account. Use the location that's closest to your users to give them the fastest access to data.

  • You can leave the Geo-Redundancy and Multi-region Writes options at their default values (Disable) to avoid additional RU charges. You can skip the Network and Tags sections.

  • Select Review+Create. After the validation is complete, select Create to create the account.

  • It takes a few minutes to create the account. You'll see a message that states Your deployment is underway. Wait for the deployment to finish and then select Go to resource.

  • Copy the Connection String for later use.

  • Open SharingService\Startup.cs.

  • Locate #define INMEMORY_DEMO at the top of the file and comment that line out. Save the file.

  • Open SharingService\appsettings.json.

  • Locate the StorageConnectionString property, and set the value to be the same as the Connection String value.

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