How to add audio feedback?

How to add audio feedback?

You can configure an object to play a sound when the user touches an object by adding a trigger touch event to the object.

To be able to trigger touch events, the object must have the following components:

  • Collider component, preferably a Box Collider

  • Near Interaction Touchable (Script) component

  • Hand Interaction Touch (Script) component

To add audio feedback, first add an Audio Source component to the object. The audio source component enables you to play audio back in the scene. In the Hierarchy window, select the object and click Add Component in the Inspector window. Search for Audio Source to add the Audio Source component.

Once the Audio Source component has been added to the object, in the Inspector window, change the Spatial Blend property to 1 to enable spatial audio.

Next, with the object still selected, click Add Component and search for the Near Interaction Touchable (Script). Once found, select the component to add to the object. Near interactions come in the form of touches and grabs - which is an interaction that occurs when the user is within close proximity to an object and uses hand interaction.

After the Near Interaction Touchable (Script) is added to the object, click the Fix Bounds and Fix Center buttons. This will update the Local Center and Bounds properties of the Near Interaction Touchable (Script) to match the BoxCollider.

With the object still selected, click Add Component and search for the Hand Interaction Touch (Script). Once found, select the component to add to the object.

To make audio play when the object is touched, you will need to add an On Touch Started event to the Hand Interaction Touch (Script) component. In the Inspector window, navigate to the Hand Interaction Touch (Script) component and click the small + icon to create a new On Touch Started () event.

Drag the object to receive the event and define AudioSource.PlayOneShot as the action to be triggered. PlayOneShot will play the audio clip.

Next, assign an audio clip to the trigger. You can find audio clips provided by MRTK by navigating to Assets > MixedRealityToolkit.SDK > StandardAssets > Audio. Once you've found a suitable audio clip, assign the audio clip to the Audio Clip field.

You can now test the touch interaction using the in-editor simulation. Press the Play button to enter Game mode. Once in Game mode, hold the spacebar to bring up the hand and use the mouse to touch the object and trigger the sound effect.

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