WebXR Lessons

Learn how to develop Mixed Reality experiences on the web using WebXR Device APIs. WebXR Lessons: www.learnwebxr.dev

WebXR Lessons: www.learnwebxr.dev

Wellcome to the introduction to WebXR Lessons. We will talk about:

3D on the WebWebXR Device APIsA-FrameBabylon.jsThreeJS Scene

Short link to WebXR Lessons: www.learnwebxr.dev

FrontEndMasters WebXR Course:

FrontendMasters Introduction to 3D and WebXR Course

Windows Mixed Reality JavaScript Documentation: aka.ms/WebXR

Windows Mixed Reality WebXR Documentation

Why web is important for Mixed Reality Development?

Web is for all and web is always free. As a developer, you will always have the right to your own creation and distribution, which is not the case on any other platform.

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