What is HoloLens Device Portal?

The Windows Device Portal for HoloLens lets you configure and manage your device remotely over Wi-Fi or USB. The Device Portal is a web server on your HoloLens that you can connect to from a web browser on your PC. The Device Portal includes many tools that will help you manage your HoloLens and debug and optimize your apps.

How to setup device portal?

  • Turn on your HoloLens device.

  • Tab your wrist(HoloLens 2) or make a bloom gesture(HoloLens 1) to initiate Windows menu.

  • Open the Settings > Update & Security.

  • Select For Developers tab on the right hand panel.

  • Enable "use developer features" by toggling on/off button.

  • Scroll down at the For Developer settings to enable "Device Portal".

  • Go back to all settings page by clicking "Home" on the left hand panel and select "Network & Internet" settings.

  • Select "Wifi" tab on the left, if it is not already selected.

  • Select the wifi you are connected to and click on "Advanced Options".

  • Scroll down and write down the IPV4 address.

  • You will type in this IP address to your browser to reach to your device portal.

  • You might see a connection Alert as shown below:

  • Go ahead and click Advanced button and click Proceed to <your IP address>(unsafe).

  • Congrats, you made it to your device portal.

  • Click Views on the right hand panel and select "Live Preview" to see the camera view of your HoloLens.

  • You can turn off PV camera if you would like to share or record what you are seeing through your HoloLens but do not want to capture your environment.

  • You can see the videos recorded or screenshots you snapped by asking Cortana here, on the Videos and Photos section, if you enabled voice commands.

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